For anyone about to tell me that there’s no way teenagers would have seen Twins, psssh. Steve’s sister is old enough to have watched it and loved it; Jugsy’s father would have watched it constantly because hey, he had a pair!; and if you lived in California when Arnold was still in office, you had bad movie parties. Or at least the kids I knew did. Both the group that remembered the 80’s, and the group that barely remembered the early 90’s, so shhhhh. Shhh. I thought this through. Also, go watch Twins because it’s wonderfully horrible.

Anyways, sorry for flakin’ on you guys last week, I was all kinds of sick and whatnot. But personally, I think it was worth it because holy crap are you seeing my backgrounds on this page? So proud of them! I will eventually be going back a page and adding in the extra backgrounds, because why not, but not at the expense of updates.

Speaking of updates, there’s an extra update this Thursday. So basically, come back in 3 days.

Love you guys, and I’d love to hear back from all of you about anything regarding the comic, so leave a comment or drop me an email or stalk me on tumblr or twitter. I’ve got links all over the place.