Magnetic North is a comic about being alive.

Really. That’s it. No dragons, no robots, no creepy doppelgangers, no werewolves, no tears into alternate realities.

Just three kids out of high school trying to figure out how life works–and relationships and jobs and school and how to just live in the freaking moment–when everyone starts assuming you’re an adult but you have no idea what that word actually means.

Updates Tuesdays.


About the person making this

Her name is Kat Gemmill. She was a baker for about 10 years and now she’s in charge of a small tiny person who takes up 197% of her time and it’s terrifying.



Wasn’t this already a comic?

Yup! And I wrote it.


What happened to it?

I murdered it with a shovel.



There’s an idea that a person can change so much in 7 years that you’d be hard pressed to recognize yourself if you ran into you on the street.

And that’s pretty much what happened. Except the world changed too.

I wrote the original inception of Magnetic North when I was 20 years old, living in a small town full of rednecks, and was so accidentally racist that it hurts me to admit it. My hometown was (and still is) so whitewashed it’s like a 1950’s sitcom. And then I grew up and moved away from that town and realized how far behind the times I was.

Feminism is a thing and I had one female character.

Stockholm syndrome is too and it’s bad and I was writing about it.

People come in shapes other than skinny white people.

And, quite frankly, while I loved the characters, I could not write about them like that anymore.

So I got a shovel and mercy killed it and now we’re starting over.


So you’re just redrawing the story with different jokes.

Nope! Starting over from scratch entirely. A lot of characters have been kept, a few haven’t. Some storylines have been completely resurrected as new subplots, and others are staying in the ditch where I murdered them.


But I liked the old version!

Trust me, it’s better this way.


Will you put the old strips back up?

Probably not. It’d really just get confusing. Because most of them aren’t relevant to the original story at all. Or they contradict what’s going on. Or they’re restating what’s being said in a different way. The only way you’re getting the original run of pages is if enough people donate to my patreon at once.


Jugs is still your insert character though, right?

She was never my insert character. You’ve only ever asked this because I have boobs. Knock it off.