Want to support Magnetic North?

The most direct way of supporting MagNorth is to subscribe to my patreon. Patreon allows you to throw me a dollar or other you-specified amount every month that I can put towards what I need to work on the comic (supplies, domain fees, babysitting so I can actually get on my computer, etc). In exchange, you get rewards based on the amount you pledge–access to my sketchbook for character designs and scenes I’ve deleted or changed at the last second, old art from the original run of the comic, new art. Enough pledges means I can update more, and keep the site up to date.

If recurring dollar pledges aren’t your thing, you can also donate to my ko-fi. It’s a one time thing and the money goes right into the comic (again, supplies, domain, babysitter, etc), but you don’t get the extras, beyond the warm fuzzy feeling of helping.

Non financial ways to help!

Sharing the comic with friends! On facebook or twitter or directly shoving your laptop in their faces, whatever you please. Word of mouth is a powerful way to help a little time comic gain a readership, and readerships keep comics alive.

Linking the comic on your own website/whatever. (see above)

The most important way though, is to let me know what you think! Like a storyline, or a character? Have theories? Just want to let me know you check the website every week? Emailing me or leaving a comment on a page is the best way to help–I’ve a lifelong lurker, so I know getting over that is hard, but actually hearing from my readers is the best thing ever.