I can’t exactly start with specific story changes, because that would be, in the words of the wonderful River Song, spoilers.

So, well, we’ll start with our main character.


I'm pale enough to be transparent!

The original is on the left. The new one is on the right.

And the biggest difference? Well, he didn’t go get a tan.

On top of being skinnier, with a few new personality quirks that I tried to stifle the first time around, it’s almost all in the coloring. His hair is dark like it was always supposed to be, but more importantly, he’s not a goddamned zombie.

See, Steve’s ethnicity is Irish mutt with more than a good dash of the great northwestern Native American tribes. Based mostly upon the Yurok tribe from back home because that’s what I’m most familiar with. So why the hell did I make him the whitest white male in all of comic existence? I have no goddamned idea. So, well, changing that.

Also, no ring. Those of you who knew the symbolism of that ring? Did I take it away? Did I add something? Change it entirely? Haha. Spoilers.

Most of the characters are going through changes like this. Not all–JayJay’s gonna stay her redheaded scottish mutt self, and Roy’s still white boy all American.  But there have still been growing pains, yes, there have.

And the first one to spout “Amelia Pond!” at Jay gets all their cookies taken away.

See you guys on Tuesday.