So, I’ve been missing updates and you guys deserve to know why. You especially deserve to know why because it’s going to be a trend for a while.

The short story is that I’ve been battling depression for about 12 years, and the last few weeks, I’ve been losing. It is not a good battle to lose. It has gotten bad.

While drawing has always been part and parcel with my mental well being, I don’t have the attention span to match my former output of one page a week. Right now I’m lucky to get a panel a week. I’m taking pains to not be like this anymore? But therapy is expensive, meds even moreso (and I don’t just want to take a pill and make my problems disappear anyways), and I have to siphon all of my energies these days into getting through my job so I can afford all of that. So if all I can manage is a panel a week, it’s all I can manage.

So, until I can at least manage to feel like my hands are my own, and that my consciousness hasn’t just been jammed into some manikin that happened to be nearby, I’m going to have to just say “pages will be done with they’re done”. So, watch the RSS feed, watch my twitter feed, watch either of my tumblrs. I’ll make announcements when pages go up. But right now, I gots to fix my brain.

I will not, under any circumstances, be ending the comic or putting her on an indefinite hiatus. Unless, you know, I lose completely but I don’t plan on letting things get that bad.

So yeah. Just watch my feeds. I’ll get pages up when I can.