Sorry about the late update; been a busy week at work, so my free time has been spent lamenting how much my day job tears my body apart. But I’m not complaining, I truly love it. And hey. Technically, in Seattle, it’s still Friday. For like, another hour and a half.

Anyways! Ruskies!


Aw, they used to be so young.

See, originally, there were a couple of nobody ex-GRU who were there for dumb reasons because dumber reasons that seemed awesome because I was 20 and doped up on vicodin after oral surgery at the time. And actually, they got overhauled and remodeled in 2011 because I hadn’t drawn them in 2 years.

Here’s them now.


Yeah, I overhauled them again.

Nikolai needs to not look like a 22 year old dumbass. He’s a 42 year old dumbass. Also, I’m done with the anime hair and the ever present eyes that float through it.

And Yosef. Oh. Oh Yosef. I just beat the ever loving crap out of him. Physically and emotionally (though the emotional thing was always there, just, you know, I never actually showed the two of them).

But hey, no one will ever mistake them for Steve or Roy again. That…that used to happen a lot.