And the junkfood fits best here! Potentially gonna be the last one of the chapter, if I can find the hours.

Anyways, when was the last time I told y’all about the $5 tier over on my patreon? Because on top of seeing pages early, I put up a poll for an illustration–a topic or a character or a keyword, usually–and the winning vote gets it. Last month, category was ‘boys’ and the poll had me playing mash with a bunch of topics and characters. Landed on Steve and Bunnies and I had fun.

Btw-ps, had the mash machine actually landed on JJ, it would have been JJ all up in a suit being smart.

Anyways, random junkfood is random but this is the best place in the next few pages to break it up, there’s another flashback and some backstory left yet. And then chapter 4 will be over! Like, 2 gd years later!