Holy crap.

Okay! To those who were here the first time around, welcome back! I love you. Expect nothing like the original! Especially not the old pages (I’m so sorry my lovelies).

To those who are brand new here, welcome! Please stay. Ignore what I said to the old timers–this is a relaunch of a comic I’ve written before, but you need to know nothing to be here. Just stick around!

Oh, yeah, btw…yes, I’m starting with munchkins. Be advised that this comic isn’t going to stay family friendly. I swear like a sailor. My characters will too. Just, you know, be aware.

Update schedule is going to be a bit special for the first few weeks: through the first of November, we’ll be updating Tuesdays and Fridays. After that, probably just Tuesdays. But I want to shove enough pages at you guys to start with to give you an idea of what kind of comic this is.

Anyways, welcome! Leave a comment and spread the word, and come back Friday!