Last update of the year!

I know I was slow on the comic pages this year, it means the absolute world that y’all are still checking in on me and my dumb comic babies. But it’s been a productive year, even if it hasn’t seemed like it. I worked my first table selling my art (and definitely have plans to do it again!), my little patreon is finally starting to pick up steam (if you didn’t know about it, I did block print ornaments this month!), and I’ve been doing a lot of bts stuff with the comic story. Which is actually why pages started slowing down, I’d gotten to the end of the scripted pages and had to remember how to write.

Next week will likely be another illustration, given that my kiddo’s still on winter break, but on the 10th we’ll be back into it.

Thank you again for reading my story about my dumb children, and happy new years.