Still on my mini winter break, buffin’ up the buffer after the holidays. Comics resume next week (and will not have a junkfood break at the end of the month, since I already took 2 weeks–technically 3?!–off), but in the meantime have a badly planned sketch comic that sprung up around me wanting to draw childhood Steve with the giant gap between his front teeth. Consider this absolutely canon. Maddie would and did fuck up anyone who fucked up her kids.

(And if you’re curious, Lisa is 10, steve is 6ish, Muppet-Benji is about a year.)

I absolutely maintain that giving Steve a giant tooth gap and subsequently braces and then fucked up incisors is the best decision I have ever made in regards to his appearance. That and, you know, making him the right gd color. It’s up there with making Roy the size of the Hulk when he absolutely does not want to be big.