If you follow me on instagram and twitter you may have already seen this one. But I’m proud of it and never posted it here, so I guess it’s junkfood time for it now <3

Sorry for not updating last week and then still posting a junkfood this week. My kiddo (he’s gonna be 4 in 2 weeks, omg) is demanding more from me (as he should, dammit, I’m his mom) and the husband’s current work schedule doesn’t lend as much time for me to work on the comic. So my buffer is pretty much non existent. And with Emerald City Comic Con in 2 weeks (I’m not tabling but I will be wandering around Thursday and Friday–if you see me and talk to me about MagNorth I’ll give you a sticker!) and my parents up that same week, it’s either junkfood this week and try to stay on track, or put up a page, and then fail all of March. I’m going with the option that pretty much keeps me on track, I guess. I hope >.>

Anyways, pages resume next Tuesday as they always do, and if you want to be able to read pages as i finish them instead of waiting for them here on the site, might I suggest pledging $1 to my patreon?