So I kinda feel like we all saw this coming. Or at least, y’all were hoping for this and not that I’d just grind myself to a shuddering halt, disappear for 6 months with a couple spotty updates on my twitter and the blog, and then just silently let the domain and hosting lapse and get bought up by a russian viagra scam site.

*coughs because certainly that has never happened before, certainly never involving me*

But yeah. I kinda…need a break. It’s been a *year*. And a year of me missing at least every other update, despite actively still working on the comic (except for that part where I was moving). So I’m gonna just, put my patreon on pause and peace out for a few weeks. Catch up on illustrations I’m behind, try and build a small buffer, do some art for myself and also just peace out because deadlines are crap and if I want to spend an entire week staying up until 2 am binging crunchyroll and eating ice cream I’m not gonna feel guilty about it, except for that part where I have to wake up at 7 and be coherent for my 5 year old.

Anyways, I’ll see you all on May 3rd with comics again. If you want to see the art I get up to in the meantime (I mean, I’ve gotten pretty into block printing, so there’s also good odds I’ll be opening a small online store?), hit up my twitter.