Hey guys, so I’ve joined like, half the internet now, and started a patreon! I’d like to update the website, and more than anything, I’d like to have the time to crank out a page every week and get rid of the junk food updates (though there is a goal that will not only bring multiple pages a month, but will also bring back a junk food update for extra illustrations). Supporting me on patreon will not only allow me to hire a babysitter or nanny services so that I can have time for all of this, but it will also let me do things like buy the occasional fancy tea from overpriced coffee shops.

And, before anyone asks, it’s not up there yet because spoiler territory still exists, but you know how this isn’t the original version of MagNorth? You know how there were ~134 pages that were finished and up on the internet before I nuked it from orbit? You know how I’ve said that I have no intention of putting those pages up to avoid confusion? You know how a lot of you still email and ask me about that? There will be a goal for a PDF of the original pages. Once, you know, spoiler territory is over (which honestly, there isn’t much more of).

So please consider supporting me! And also, please just, tell people about the comic and about the patreon. Even if you can’t afford it, spreading the word to someone who can will help get us all to that last comic page every month, and more.

(also, new vote update at twc. thank you, that is all.)