In case none of you follow my twitter or the MagNorth facebook page, we’re doing something different this month for the junkfood update on the 25th. I’m going to start letting people who support me on patreon give me requests for that month’s junkfood–X character as a pin up, X character doing this, that sort of thing–but this month I’m opening it up to everyone. So you can either comment on this patreon post, or if you don’t want to go through the hassle of making a patreon account if you don’t have one, comment on this page. Do me a favor though and don’t just say “April doing a thing”. Try to be a little more specific. I’ll either choose my favorite idea, or pick a prompt out of a hat.

Those are the only two places to leave suggestions or requests, I will ignore all requests through email, twitter, or facebook.
Cut off for this is next Monday night.

So that’s that!

As always, there’s a new TWC incentive so please vote, and please tell a friend about the comic 😀