Fun fact! My first bakery job piped all of their non-cutout cookies. They were in their 60s and in that “this is the way we’ve always done it, we’re not changing this close to retirement” mindset. If you’ve never piped cookie dough, it’s a GD work out. After the third batch of cookies you’re going to want to die. After the fourth you have carpal tunnel now.

Anyways, actual page this week because I made y’all wait for over a month for pages. There is a junkfood though, you just have to go to the patreon to get it (it’s a freebie. no paywall required).

And a reminder about that patreon–I now post the next page early on Thursday’s. So, you know, if you hate waiting…

And to everyone who participated in the comic tea party chat, I adore all of you. Some of you weren’t far from hitting the nail, some of you were way the hell out there, and some of you had better ideas that it’s too late for me to steal. And to everyone who came for the chat but has decided to keep sticking around and come back? You’re my favorites today.