First comic of the new year! Also the last comic I finished last year. I’m still crazy proud of the shading on those middle panels.

Also, Roy (and Judith, also, I guess) work at a diner called Rudy’s Cafe that is absolutely NOT a cafe because they’re open 24 hours and sell greasy spoon burgers and malts and they only have one kind of coffee and it’s “burnt” and you only get it if you hate yourself, are trying to kill yourself, or are in the process of hating yourself while you kill yourself trying not to fail your college courses. I referenced it way back here in chapter 2. People who work there call it the cafe because they have to; everyone else calls it the diner because let’s be real, you don’t go there to eat. You go there to kill time after performances, or because you’re 16-17-18-19-20 years old and can’t go to the bars, or because you have nothing better in your life to do.

Or unless you really really really want a malt because damn does Rudy’s make a kick ass chocolate malt.