It’s August, so it’s a good time to start smashing that TWC voting button to get MagNorth back up the ranking. It’s also a good time to look at the patreon! There’s been a few new tiers added, and some tweaks and new perks added to the old ones.

  • Did you know you can get a hand drawn card with your favorite character on it mailed to you every month? (In an envelope, because I’m not an animal?) You can for the cost of a $10 pledge!
  • Did you know you can jump on a monthly poll for a character pin up? And that it’s themed? And that this month it’s swim suits? That’s a $5 pledge!
  • Did you know you can see a whole bunch of old continuity art and stuff from the first run of Magnorth? That’s $5 too!
  • Did you know that you could be reading ahead? That’s only a frickin’ DOLLAR, yo!

Every penny I get from the patreon goes into the comic somehow–website fees, upgrading equipment, paying someone to watch my kid so I can shove more pages into the buffer–and as we meet stretch goals, you’ll be bringing back the last update of the month as well as double the updates!

So maybe pledge! And if you’re already pledging or can’t afford it, tell a friend to! Most of the stuff that I put up on patreon never makes it back out into the rest of the internet, usually because I’m scattered brained, so there’s a whole backlog of awesome stuff!