Sorry for just…disappearing there. I had a bad tendonitis flare up and it’s made me its bitch. Doing my best to heal but still work. So thanks for understanding.

So close to the end of this chapter, only 12 more pages and I can get back to shenanigans with Roy and I don’t have to draw drama for a while. I miss shenanigans. Do you miss shenanigans? Because I hella miss shenanigans.

Also, haven’t mentioned it here in a bit (and I really do need to revamp the website a bit so there’s a permanent link) but I has a store! Just a couple stickers and some block prints right now. It’s here!

Also also for reading this far into the blog post, here’s April and Georgia chilling in the walk in in a kiddie pool because you bet your ass both of them was me yesterday.