Sorry for a month of radio silence. I’m always good about updating the twitters, but not always here and I do need to get better about it.

Long story short, I took December off as a chance to try and get ahead on pencils and a couple personal projects, since Hiccup would be out of school for 2 weeks. That didn’t happen. The last half of December was spent dealing with the sudden downturn in a relative’s health. I paused the patreon for January knowing that one way or the other, I wouldn’t have the ability to work on comics and uh, turns out I was right. On top of dealing with the loss of said relative, Hiccup’s school effectively shut down for the entire month of January, either by grade or entirely, because Covid’s still a fucking thing, and I spent most of the month either being my kid’s teacher, or helping keep him on task during virtual school. Also January just triggers my SAD so like, it’s been a month, y’all.

But I’m back! And the comic is here! And so long as my kid’s school doesn’t have any more staffing shortages or covid scares, I should be able to keep it that way with minimal blips to the schedule.

So yeah. Thanks as always for sticking with me, friends.