And that’s the end of chapter 5!

Thank you guys for being so patient with me with this chapter–especially this last update. This particular page was a lot of things I’m not good at (perspective, crowd scenes, new locations, fucking multiple trucks from odd perspectives) and I’m certainly not fast at doing, but I wanted to do it right because this chapter had a lot happen. And I don’t think Roy was in this chapter at all?

It’s been forever since I’ve finished a chapter, but I always take about a month off between chapters to make sure I’ve got them written and thumbnailed and to give myself a chance to figure out clothes and props and new locations (which I’m fairly certain there aren’t any in chapter 6?). So MagNorth is officially going onto hiatus until June*. I’ll still be updating my patreon with stuff I’m working on behind the scenes, but the website will be fairly quiet.

I hope you come back and join me when it’s time to start chapter 6.


*MAY. I’ll be back in MAY. Jeez, i have no concept of time anymore.