Apparently I’m just taking 2 weeks to finish pages right now. Maybe it was thanksgiving and my parents being here for a week, maybe it’s adhd. I genuinely do not know. But I’m doing my best y’all, thank you for putting up with it and still coming back to check for pages.

Anyways! Samme is really fun to write. She’s a very whimsical character. That’s not to say she’s like, a cute and fairy-like person full of whimsy. No, she is adamantly a person who has a lot of whims and poor impulse control and is more likely an actual fae folk who will steal your name. And putting her next to Roy, who Is Not Okay Right Now? It’s fun. He’s completely out of his depth. Violent and/or scary redheads? He knows what to do with that. ADHD? Anxiety? That’s his home life, man. Fucking manic assed super lesbian? NOPE. Functional_Roy.exe has crashed. It’s fun for me and I love it.

Fingers crossed I’ll have a new page for you next week! See you then.