I was really hoping to get a page up for today, but between a bunch of tooth pain and an emergency root canal last week, I couldn’t make it happen. Also apparently I5 broke the day of said root canal, and it took me almost 5 hours to drive the normal 35 minutes home from the dentist so like…the gods were against this update. It will go up next Tuesday though, it will be done by then.

ANYHOOZLE, this is the finished block print and the sticker for my patreon this month (January 2023 because time means nothing). $15 backers get both (yeah i know the tier price went up, but so did shipping costs, and also I want to carve bigger than 5×7 I’m sorry, I still love you), but $5 backers still get the sticker. You should check it out! Or tell a friend! Not to spoil anything, but February involves Bigfoot courting his crush, and I’m excited about it.

That’s all for this week, see you next week.