Two reasons for the title of this post.

The first is, well, needed to keep working on Jugsy. Because she just wasn’t matching up right.

ah, that's better

So, since the biggest problem I had was her face and her figure, well, a bathing suit’s a good reason to be in your skivvies. This, hopefully, is how I’ll be able to draw her. Apple bottomed, baby faced, and hair that defies logic and gravity. So, there we go.

The other reason for the double vision, is this.

I'd insert a bad Team Rocket quote, but I've never understood Pokemon

(Freckles deliberately drawn the wrong color to be obvious.) That would be JJ and her twin.

Yup, the twin’s staying.

Made them a little less identical this time–fewer freckles on Rachel, less curve, less hair. Basically Rachel is a whole lot “less” of Jugsy, replaced with more crazy.

Because I hate plots that make it impossible to tell their twin characters apart (I could name at least 3 webcomics, all of them ended, but that would be mean), here’s a handy little cheat sheet that goes beyond weight.


Little hard to see, but I’ll lay it out.

JJ has

  • more cartilage piercings
  • pointy-assed  canines
  • a broken nose (that’d be the double line on her nose)
  • more freckles
  • longer, more possessed hair.

Ray on the otherhand, has

  • none of that
  • a tongue ring
  • tolerably well controlled hair that’s shorter
  • certainly less hair in general.

Other than those things, though, the girls are identical, and I intend to draw them as mirrors at some point–however, the teeth and the hair will always be your guides.

This Tuesday’s writing blog might be a bit late, as well, by the way. I’m on vacation in the land of my people this weekend, and can’t promise I’ll have had time to get it written in advance. Not even sure what it’ll be about, at the moment. So it might be 6 or 7pm Pacific time before I update. Just giving a head’s up.