Today’s blog post is brought to you by the letters Y as well as T, H, A, N, K, G, O and D.

To keep it short, my computer is on her last, wobbly leg. This hopefully won’t stall things, though if an update is late or missing entirely, this will be why (though last Friday’s post was late because I’m an idiot and posted it as a page, and not a blog post). Moving on then!

Roy! Now, I love Roy. He is probably my favorite of the main characters, and you’d never know it. Most of this is for reasons I never got to the first time around, the rest is because he’s the most autobiographical of all three of them.


Yeah. Roy. You know the drill, old on the left, new on the right.

He has undergone the most stringent of all the overhauls. For several important reasons. Let’s go through them, shall we?

Shape. All 3 of the kids have their own shape/silhouette now. Steve’s a beanpole with no chin (so he’s got the facial hair to hide that), JJ’s a pinup with a baby face (or rather, she’s supposed to be, working on that), and Roy’s the son of a linebacker. So bigger hands, barrel of a chest, taller than anyone else in the cast aside from his father, and his own face.

The moles. People are awesome. We’re several thousand shades of different, and all I had managed to cover was “white kids that look like the kids from Harry Potter, except the ginger wears glasses”.  And since I wasn’t a kid that freckled, but instead was a kid with moles that looked like freckles up and down my arms, well, why not. Really, they were just marks from the first pass at his arm, but I liked them. So one of the kids has a birthmark! Yay!

The hair. I always hated his fucking bangs. His original haircut was this, I just didn’t know how to draw it. And now I do. So there ya go. Why the hell is he blond. Again, the Harry Potter thing. Wanted to get away from that. Also, I think it suits him better. His head isn’t a big blob of brown anymore.

Most of how Roy’s changed is surface level. Because he was really kind of boring before, visually. And I draw well enough now that I don’t get to have everyone being a cookie cutter of everyone else. Also, this is an excuse to buy more copic colors (not really, it’s an excuse to own colors that aren’t brown).

The biggest changes to Roy I can’t exactly say out loud, because they might get spoilery. We’ll leave it at the simple fact that I tried to stifle him and shove him into a preconceived box the first go-round. Yeah. Word of advice. If you want your character to be angsty but they wanna be awesome instead, go with awesome. Create another character to provide the angst.