No, you don’t get to know her actual name yet. No, it’s not a plot point, just a quirky little nickname thing, like the kid from high school I nicknamed Newanda, and it stuck so hard that his parents started calling him that for a few months. Or my best friend’s little sister–called her Squirt so long that I actively forgot her actual name for a few years.

So yeah. JayJay’s real name is just gonna be one of those things for a while until the boys have to remember it or something. I ‘unno.

Anyways, redesigning Jugsy!

The original. Mock 2

Amazing the difference a properly calibrated monitor can make.

That ruddy red? Yeah. That’s the color I thought I was coloring her hair in the first place. My original monitor was junk, and I never bothered to change it back.

This is one of those times that I wish I could bang two drawings together and get the best of all of it. Because, after not drawing much of anything for a few months, I can’t quite get the shape of her face right anymore. I got her curvy enough, but her face kinda went all to hell. Doesn’t help that her hair makes me think of Judith now… So visually she still needs a bit of tweaking, I guess.

Anyways, biggest changes on JayJay are her figure (she was always meant to be curvier than I’ve drawn her), hair color, and her freaking freckles. Super crazy faint things, but they’re there. Most of what changed with her is backstory. So I can’t actually tell you about that. Only thing to know is that she’s a recent transplant from somewhere outside of Centersville, instead of a 13 year citizen like last time.

Also, apparently it’s gonna be arts on Fridays, and Tuesdays will be processes and world building. Because it just works out well for me that way. See you guys Tuesday.