originally there was a painted background to those photos, but I deleted the layer and didn’t notice TT^TT

So, just out of curiousity, every other week or so, I get a HUGE spike in web traffic. Like, a couple people seem to binge the entire archive kind of spike. If you’re that person, or have been that person, are you real? Are you still here?!

Anyways, it’s a bad seque but it’s the beginning of February so it’s time to pick the illustration for the month and like every year, it’s anything-goes (WITHIN REASON) shipping/fluff. I do not care if it’s canon (but i DO care if it’s illegal or if the idea of it makes my skin crawl) so uh…go back the patreon and vote.

Also also reminder that I’m only $13 dollars away from opening a monthly sticker tier. So uh… patreon.