I mean, she’s not wrong.

Look, the girls have been silent fighting for like, 100 pages. we needed to get a recap on WHY.

Also, sorry for missing last week’s update. My spouse’s work schedule changed again, which throws me off, and I’m kind of averaging ~11 days for a page these days anyways. I’m doin’ my best, y’all. Thank you so much for sticking with me through this. When in doubt, check my twitter to see if I mention if I’m missing an update.

SPEAKING OF THAT, I had to change my twitter handle. So the official comic twitter is @MagNorthComic, same as it was. But my personal one (which gets non magnorth art and stuff and honestly I’m better about using that one) is now @runbyhugging. Also instagram is @runbyhugging now too. Why the change? Remember that assfuck on January 6th in the fucking horns? Yeah. they thought I was one of them. Changed my handle and they magically disappeared.