(A reminder for those who missed it last week, i’m taking the month off to rebuild my buffer and also just to recover from burnout. Normal pages resume in November, though I’ll be posting art-y stuff here every week.)

I ran a poll last month on the patreon for people to vote for a fall drink, and I’d then draw the character that would be drinking it. It was mostly pumpkin spice themed, but there was an option for hot apple juice/cider and another for a fancy hot chocolate and spoiler in case I ever do this again, Roy is always the hot chocolate drinker.

Anyways, apple juice/cider won, and that means Judith. Girl eats apples like a horse.

For those who want more art during the week/month, I’m trying to do Inktober in my downtime, so follow me on twitter or instagram for those (I drew another Judith and she’s my favorite thing so far).