If you had told me that I’d ever get to page 141 I’d have laughed at you but honestly, now I’m just still super chuffed at that last panel.

That said, MagNorth is going on a break for the rest of October. I’ve been super burnt out for a few months and my buffer has dried up to nothing. So I’m going to work on rebuilding that this month and also on just…doing art for fun. It’s become an alien concept and that’s not healthy. So I’ll be doing Inktober as time permits as an excuse to just DRAW. Also, I have a toddler so a halloween is a Very Real Thing for the next 10 years.

I will be trying to post hiatus art on Tuesdays just to keep the habit, so do keep checking in every week.

Thanks for understanding, guys. I’ve poured too much of my life into this comic to just halfass it, so taking a break is the best thing for me, and for page quality. I’ll see you guys next Tuesday.