This month’s junkfood was supposed to be pride based because i absolutely do not focus on my LGBTQ+ characters enough, but that…did not happen. This month has been crazy busy. So this illustration never got past the lineart phase, even though I do desperately want to finish it.

Anyways, happy end-of-pride month, I hope it’s been glorious for you. Have my canonically super gay gals being pals, Lisa and “Charlie”. (Charlie is a code name. Or is it!? It is. Her name is Lotte. Except when she’s not feeling she-ish. Lotte’s a “super bisexual lesbian dandy” and sometimes she dresses in boy-drag because she’s, visually, basically fanart of a friend of mine.)

I promise y’all more gays and a whole bunch more of those beautiful letters in the next year.