Firstly, sorry for not posting last week. I tend to not use the blog posts here to say there’s no page, mostly because I hate having them stick around on the front page for forever afterwards. So twitter is where I announce how much I suck. I’m not going to make excuses for myself. But I’m not going to make a habit of skipping pages unless I’m out of town on vacation or something.

Speaking of which, secondly, I’ll be going on vacation in April! Hopefully I’ll only post one filler update during that time, but that depends on how much work tromps me between now and then.

Thirdly, over to the right in my much neglected link column (I read so many more than that, I’m just lazy about site stuff)! The first two links there? They’re created by an awesome dude named Josh Ulrich, and that second one, Newman? That’s seriously my favorite thing on the internet. Josh is kickstarting to make more Newman comics, and for a dollar you get all of them. So go pledge because he makes good comics and Newman is the best comics. Seriously. For me, it’s like the daily grind of modern day D&D characters between campaigns and it’s glorious.

Lastly regarding my own comic; as much as the colors kicked my ass (not gonna lie, I had to tear the background colors down a half dozen times because I’m not from the efficient school of self taught artists), I’m super proud of it. Also really glad I got to finally get the King and Queen of Centersville in there without shoehorning them in. (They’re the couple in the background of the daylight panels. They’re based on a real couple who would walk around my hometown every day and wave at everyone who passed them. They were an awesome little bit of sunshine.)

That’s all. I’ll see you guys next week.