We have fun on the patreon. I usually give prompts instead of characters (look, I love them but a girl sometimes doesn’t want to draw a ginger), and this month I based it on 1950’s stereotypes. Greasers won out (which makes me happy because it’s what I wanted to win), so hey hey, it’s Roy and Jugsy.
And look, even my gut was like “okay, that’s gonna be Steve and Rachel, right?” but no, fam.
Steve’s a fucking nerd and Rachel would sell her sister for the perfectly floofy petticoat. Roy might be a band nerd and Jugsy’s pretty straight laced, but she would live in that goddamned bowling alley and Roy would pretty much fail out of class trying to perfect his pomp (and then skip gym because fuck family legacies and do you know how much hairspray this took?!).
Next month I’m gonna shake it up and actually let y’all pick a character directly, so hey! August is a good time to pledge!
And hey, I’m sorry about skipping almost every update this month. It killed me to do it. But the burnout is real, pain sucks, and my kid has to come first and right now he thinks he’s too good for sleep–and the only time I get to work is when he’s sleeping.
I should be back at it this coming Tuesday. I promise nothing concrete. But I promise to do my damnedest to make sure pages get done.
Love you guys. Thanks for obsessively refreshing the page every Tuesday and Wednesday the last few weeks to see if I just forgot to mention there was a page or that it went up late. I see you guys on my analytics, y’all are my favorites.