It’s the end of the month, which means junkfood time, so no comic this week (but there will be one next week 💜).

So instead, have an illustration I did a few months ago for my patrons. I think the prompt was rollerskates and I let patrons pick who was on them. And y’all, I did not learn to draw Pippin to never draw this derpy assed dog again, so have a Tommy on rollerblades with this ridiculous dog.

If you’re interested in being a patron, I hightly suggest it! For as little as a buck, you get early access to comics, as well as getting to see my sketchbook every month. For $5, you get early access, stickers mailed to you, and you get to vote on who and/or what i draw as a finished illustration that month (this month we turned Jugsy into a D&D character, complete with stats and character sheet). And for $15, you get all of that and a block print mailed to you. Sometimes the block print is small, sometimes it’s large. This month is a big ol’ 8×10 print that I’m affectionally calling Flight of the Cucco and because of how patron works, it’s almost half the price of what I’d sell it for through my online store or at events. (Seriously, if you like my block prints, my patreon is a screaming deal.)

Anyways, I highly recommend it! June’s theme is going to be raccoon based, it’s gonna be great.

And if you can’t join, please just tell a friend! Word of mouth is worth almost as much as actual dollars, so if you like my block prints, or especially like MagNorth, please tell people about it!

See y’all next week!