I spent all day thinking today was Monday, only to realize at 10:15 at night that it was not, in fact, Monday, and that I had forgotten to update. Sorry about that.

Anyways, it’s been a while since we’ve seen Paul, so I feel like it bears repeating that Paul is not Maddie’s dad or father in law, or creepy roommate, he’s her husband. Yes he’s like twice her age. Yes, it’s kinda gross and she tries real hard not to think about it and to just do right by her kids. Someday what happened to Steve and Lisa’s dad, and why she’s married to 18-years-older-than-her Paul will come up in comic. I just have to draw like, another 100 pages. (Or maybe it might only be 40? I have no idea, i’m not in charge of this beast anymore. It has several minds of its own and they all vie for dominance.)

But also, that over the shoulder Maddie is perfection, I love her.