So just to give y’all a heads up, this will be the last comic update for the year. There will be two full color illustrations to finish out the year, but I’m taking a break for the holidays. Traffic is notoriously slow for everyone, and I’ve got a little babby goober right now so I’ve gotta up my Christmas from here on in.

I will still be updating my patreon, so please do me a Christmas miracle and pop over to that and consider supporting me, or at least spread the holiday cheer and maybe tell a friend about the comic and force them to read it or something.

So keep voting for the comic (I see all of you new voters and I love you), and pop back over the next two weeks for the illustrations, and I’ll see all of you with new pages on January 3rd.


(P.S. happy birthday to Cymberleah, who’s been with me since the dragonball days. I miss your face.)