Page serves two purposes. Purpose one is to progress the story because that’s what pages are supposed to do. Purpose two, however, is to highlight the differences between the twins. I hate the idea that because twins are identical, they’re drawn exactly the same. Jugsy and Rachel are identical, but not Ouran High School Host Club identical. S0 there are differences in their posture, their styles, the number of freckles and piercings each has, among other things. Easiest way to tell the twins apart are their noses and teeth.

And for reference, I could have made it a lot easier on myself to just draw one girl and flip her in each panel. I did not do this. Made the page take twice as long because omg have to make match.

Reminder that there will NOT be a page next Tuesday on the 9th; I will have family in town for the next 10 days and it’s the kind of family that comes with extremely small children, so there’s no chance of me sneaking away to my computer for a few hours. Barring unexpected complications with my health, the next page will go up the 16th. Thanks for understanding, guys.