sorry for the radio silence for an entire month; April was bonkers. But I have returned with comcis!

Anyhoozle, this is going to be one of those scenes that will make a lot more sense on a full read through, because there’s a lot of missing context. Because I update so gd slow, I’m just going to directly link to the pages, and then explain enough.

At the end of chapter 4 we get the whole why-Steve-is-the-way-he-is: the bike, the branch, the beef with his mom. And JJ drops that she spent an entire summer reading to his comatose ass, also that she was at the hospital the day of the accident because Roy was shutting down. And that she physically put herself between Maddie and a homicide charge.

Also, way back in the beginning of chapter 4 we also learn that Maddie has a pet name for JJ, but not Rachel.

Basically JJ spent an entire summer making coffee and pastry deliveries to her mom’s old friend and forcing her to take breaks, and Maddie has kind of found-familied her.

There’s more to it, but it’s spoilers.