This page was supposed to go up last week and I’m sorry I couldn’t make it happen (but trust me, it’s a better page than you would have gotten if I had). Familygeddon and my son’s current teething/growth spurt hellscape completely decimated my buffer. And Familygeddon isn’t over–I’ll be out of state for about 6 days in September attending a wedding, and I don’t even want to think about how screwed up my kid’s sleep schedule is going to be afterwards.

So, in an effort to rebuild my buffer, I have to pause the updates for a bit. So, from September 1st through early October I won’t be updating. I’m not sure how long it’ll take to get me up to a decent amount of pages, given that I’ll be away from technology for so long and that I have a toddler, but the goal is to restart updates on October 17 ( which is a few days after the 4th birthday for the comic!). I highly suggest following either my personal twitter, or the comic/art only twitter account, I’ll be updating both with progress updates regarding the buffer and the return of pages.

If you’re inclined (and I’d love you forever), you can send guest art or guest strips to my email (just put magnetic north somewhere in the header so it doesn’t get lost in junk mail) and I’ll post it during the break. Y’all don’t have to, but you’d have my eternal love.

If you want to help with the buffer, or if you just can’t stand it when comics go on hiatus, lemme point you at my patreon (which i will absolutely be updating, probably a lot!) or my ko-fi. The main purpose of these is to either update my equipment or hire a baby sitter to watch Hiccup while I work on pages. Donating or Patreon-ing or just helping me get the get the word out is the best support you could ever give me.