And we’re back! I thumbnailed this page almost 5 years ago and then I had to sit on it when it was done before I gave it to y’all.

It’s also still the beginning of the month, and it’s a good time to jump on my patreon! The $5 pin up poll this month is cheesecake based (cheesecake recipe comic, a cheesecakey pin up, a photo/video of an actual cheesecake*, and BEEFCAKE). If you’re not a fan of patreon, then you can also donate 2 coffees to my ko-fi. Current patreons can get extra votes for the cost of 1 coffee. Just leave your vote in the message box when you donate. Voting ends Friday the 16th at 10:30pm pacific.

Also, if you’re a US citizen and 18+ and eligible, please for the love of everything, go vote.

Otherwise, I’ll see you all next Tuesday with the next page.



*this is the edible cheesecake pin up. the others aren’t traps, I promise.