Happy Halloween! (Or the day before it, don’t judge.) I planned this one out in September and finally knocked it out the other night. Patrons got to see it yesterday (kind of, thanks stupid patreon maintenance) and at almost twice the size.

Speaking of the Patreon, Thursday is the best time to jump on that! Not ONLY will I be posting actual pages early starting Thursday, but it’s also the first of the month so a great time to get on the bandwagon. A dollar a month gets you access to pages early, and when I can maintain my buffer, it can get pretty far ahead. Three dollars will get you sneak peaks into the world and future pages/characters, and five will get you old stuff I did in the first run as well as a vote in the monthly character art poll (and next month is gonna have cheesecake).

In any case, I’ll see you back here on the 6th with actual pages!
(Please vote if you live in the US.)