Okay so it only took a hundred pages but I got here. I got to the place where I explain it.

I touch a bit on this back on this page but dating in small towns is fucking weird because if you go to the movies with friends and you sit next to someone who is also mildly interested in you and everyone knows and you accidentally touch hands in the popcorn bucket you’re going to homecoming together and have to slow dance together at every jr high and high school dance until one of you stages a public break up because those are The Rules.

It may not be a Universal Small Town thing, but this was “dating” where I grew up. I’m not even exaggerating.

Anyways, shout out to my mom for cornering me in the bathroom when I was 14 after she saw my friends force me to hold hands with a boy at a football game and saying “you sneeze at one end of this town and they’ll bless you at the other” because God Damn it was the best advice my awkward ass could ever get. Also, thanks for letting me be that kid’s girlfriend for a year and also for giving me the most succinct way to sum up a plot point ever.

See you guys next week.