So the thing about only putting out a page at a time, slowly, stretching a single scene over months, is that it’s REALLY HARD to manage rage. From the beginning of this in-universe day (way back on 142!) Jugsy’s been slowly losing her ability to cope with shit, and is on this delirium-fueled roller coaster of flying off the handle. If you read it in a go, she calms down quick (exhaustion!) and returns to a stable place before something else sets her off 10 seconds later. Two or three pages a month, though, and even to me she’s reading as just 1 angry note.

Anyways,it’s backstory time. Officially. Strap in, it’s gonna last a chapter and a half.

(Also, real life has decided to show up and poltergeist my house so I’m doing my best to not miss updates but I can’t promise anything D:)