And that’s the end of chapter 4! After like, 2 years! Or 2.5? I dunno, it’s been too long!

Anyways, MagNorth is going to be taking a bit of a break for most of November so I can set up chapter 5 and build some semblance of a buffer back up. So keep an eye on the main site, but it’ll be kind of quiet for a bit.

On Patreon, though, there will be preeetty close to every-other-daily updates for at least the first half of the month while I set up new environments and work out props and clothes and stuff, and when I start that buffer, pages will just be posted there as I finish them. So now’s REALLY the best time to make a pledge!

Also, my patrons get my very best *coughworstcough* puns so you really have every reason to consider it.

Anyways, follow me on twitter either on @MagNorthComic or @taterviking for news on updates and random doodles in the meantime, I heart y’all and hope your Halloween on Thursday is super spoopy.