Okay. So. I’ve been missing updates.


I’m trying to sell my townhouse in the middle of a pandemic and also my kid isn’t starting preschool like he’s supposed to because pandemic and also i have at max 2 spoons anymore because pandemic but also everything else.


Basically, I’ve been running on fumes all summer waiting for the Day the Fates Spoke Of when Hiccup would start school and I could…I dunno, take a shower every day and not inhale an entire chocolate bar while pretending to get something out of the fridge so I wouldn’t have to share. It was gonna be great. It meant I had no buffer, but I could deal with that. Annnnd then in July I pulled his registration and now instead of getting a couple hours every day to Not Be A Mom, I…don’t get that. The whole moving thing…I don’t even wanna get into it but it’s also happening too.

So anyways, updates might not be every week for a while. I’m going to do my best to get them up, but I’m not going to break myself. The best way to know when updates happen is to follow me on either of my twitters–my actual twitter, or the comic only one where you don’t actually have to deal with twitter.

Thank you for always being patient for pages, it means the world for me. I’m not stopping this comic until it’s finished, even if it does take me forever.