I’m still in my unofficial while-trying-to-move hiatus, so I’ve not had a chance to finish the next page. But I don’t feel right leaving you with another week of silence, so here’s an illustration I did for my $5 patrons. Because $5 patrons get to choose the theme, subject, and/or sometimes even everything that’s happening in the monthly illustration. And not that I want to ruin his sweet gig, but I only have one (1) $5 patron right now. So like, it’s real easy to be heard over there. Specifically, right here. I highly suggest joining the $5 tier and getting a say in who I draw. Sometimes it’s cheesecakey. Sometimes it’s a trap. I’ve always wondered what’ll happen if 2 options tie. Help us find out!

Anyways, Rachel at the once or twice mentioned skipping river, even though she’s allergic to the outside. (she’s okay, she’s got spf 5million and a floppy hat)