I spent so long putting all these little details into this page–like JJ’s nose suddenly welling up with blood and spilling over to remind Rachel that they’re both blood hungry murdercats–and then it all got lost when I shaded. And I’m honestly not even sure it’s obvious that the sun is going down? Was that clear before I said it?

Anyways! We found a house! So I’m going to be taking a few weeks to move, settle, and maybe rebuild the comic buffer so the holidays don’t kneecap me. I do plan on getting little illustrations up every week since I kinda ended up abandoning you guys for a bit there (thank you for understanding, I love you all) but at some point my internet is going to go away and I have no idea when I’m going to get it back.

But if all goes well, the last scene of this chapter starts on Nov 3rd.

Also, if you’re American, FUCKING VOTE.