JJ’s current clothing is a throwback to the second chapter of the original run of MagNorth.

And for those just joining us, yes. There was a different version of MagNorth before this version of MagNorth and it was a very different comic that veered off into very-not-good-I-don’t-know-how-to-save-it territory shortly after Lisa showed up. In that version, the comic spent 85 pages at Frankie’s party–the one the kids left after 4 pages in this one.

So anyways, I got curious about how much she’s actually changed so I tried to draw her like I did back then as best I could (I couldn’t do it, thus the note about her nose at the bottom). Then I put her next to our Jugsy that we know and…just kind of hope she isn’t going to hit us. There are aspects of her old design that I still like or prefer–the shape of her face, the color of her hair, and the glasses.

Why they didn’t get moved along to the new design, her face was too skinny for how curvy she’s supposed to be–and I’m still not good about drawing her that way now. The hair color was also supposed to be redder, and it actually works better against the boys than it used to. And the glasses…didn’t really suit her personality? I mean they do, but like, a younger her. Maybe they’ll come back in flashbacks.

Anyways, I may or may not do these for the boys in another junkfood down the road. Or maybe they’ll be a patreon thing.